Check Sofa dimensions

We're talking size - because it really matters when it comes to sofas

Our sofas come packaged in a box. So, the first thing to do is to jot down the dimensions of your chosen sofa - width (W), height (H1) and depth (D). You’ll find these measurements listed on the product page. Buying a corner sofa? If so, your order will be delivered in more than one package and you will be required to join or “clamp” the different units together. This can be easily done by anyone, see below.



Getting your new sofa through the front door

Firstly, you will need to make sure your sofa will fit through your front door. Measure the width of your door frame. If this measurement (A) is greater than your sofa's height (H) your sofa will fit through just fine. If not, then please mention while ordering (in delivery instructions) to deliver “without legs” so that the legs can be installed at site. This will reduce your sofa height by 4” and you can check if this reduction is sufficient to allow your sofa to enter your house. The legs can be screwed on by any local carpenter with minimal skills and tools. 

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Getting your sofa upstairs


Our logistics partners deliver to your doorstep only. If you need to get your sofa up some stairs then it is best to negotiate with the delivery personnel at the time of the delivery and pay him directly for the extra effort required. If your building has a cargo / service lift then you’ll need to measure the open-door height, width and depth of the lift to make sure we can fit your sofa inside. If the dimensions are greater than the width, height and depth of your sofa, there shouldn't be a problem.

On delivery

Our delivery team is happy to unwrap and dispose of any packaging from your sofa. Please inspect your order thoroughly before signing the delivery paperwork. Any flaws, defects or signs of transit damage should also be documented alongside your signature; in this event, please contact our customer support at immediately.